For home users and professionals

Save on water consumption with an easy to use while accurate in its recommendations app

Automatic detection

Automatic detection of the nearest weather station. We monitor thousands of weather stations.

More than 100 crop types

More than 100 different crops. Suitable for all types of crops and gardens: vegetables, fruit trees, forages, grass...

It was never so easy to know how much to irrigate

We increase our weather stations network every day

We monitor thousands of weather stations. See our coverage map.

You don't have coverage on your area? Contact us to expand our wheater stations network in your area

Available for Android devices

  • android

A valid irrigation recommender for home users and professionals

If you know it, enter information such as the soil type or planting date and increase the precision of irrigation advice.

The most modern artificial intelligence techniques combined with classic irrigation advice techniques (PM-FAO56).

Endorsed by Basque Institute of Agrarian Research NEIKER.

Supported by:

Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia